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Susan Bourgeois, The Image Coach

"Identify your strengths and build your image around them."

The Image Coach, LLC is dedicated to helping individuals attain and maintain their best inner and outer image. The Image Coach, LLC does this by assisting others in creating their best appearance and interpersonal communication skills so that they can lead resourceful and happy lives.

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People Skills Program

Verbal/Vocal Image
Ways to Improve
Nonverbal Communication Image
Types of nonverbal communication
Ways to Improve
Rapport Building Skills
Four Personality Communication Styles
How to Establish Trust
Relationships and the Personal Touch
The Image Coach teaches verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
Listening is as important as speaking.
Listening Skills
Traits of a Good Listener
Ways to Eliminate Listening Problems
Conversation Skills
Keys to Conversational Success
Common Conversational Mistakes
Specific Conversational Openers
Networking Skills
Keys to Effective Networking
Effective Telephone Habits
Your Telephone Style
Proper Telephone Etiquette
Cell Phone Etiquette
The Image Coach will teach the importance of telephone etiquette  and style.
The Image Coach also teaches cross-cultural etiquette.
Business and Personal Etiquette
Six "Critical Cs" of Etiquette
Greetings and Introductions
Office/Business Protocol
Email and Fax Etiquette
Personal Etiquette Enhancers
Dining Etiquette
Cross-Cultural Etiquette
Conflict Resolution and Your Image
How to Prevent Unnecessary Conflict
How to Reduce Conflict
Conflict Resolution through Collaboration
Positive Attitude
Attributes of a Positive Attitude
Create a Permanent Positive Attitude
Learn conflict resolution skills .

Customized Appearance Program

Figure Analysis
Determine Personal Body Shape
Discuss Personal Assets
Specific Figure Flattery Guide
Color Analysis
Personal Color Draping
Determine Seasonal Palette
Wardrobe Assessment and Planning
Business and/or Personal Needs
Best Personal Clothing Style
Analyze Existing Wardrobe
Create a Functional Business and/or Personal Wardrobe
Confidence and poise  make an excellent first impression.
The Image Coach will analyse your color palette and discuss  your personal style.
Accessories Assessment and Planning
Business and/or Personal Needs
Best Color, Shape, and Size
Analyze Existing Accessories
Make-up Analysis
Discuss Skin Type and Care
Discuss Make-up Color Guide
Hair Analysis
Determine Facial Shape
Hairstyle Balance
Discuss Texture, Condition, and Coloring
Best Personal Style

Other Programs Offered

Life Coaching Program
50+ and "With It" Appearance and Attitude Program
Specialized Etiquette Programs
Maternity Appearance Program
Teenage Etiquette Program